Extremely strong glassfibre wall and ceiling fabric covering designed
to decorate and reinforce various cement type substrates, concrete,
gypsum board and plaster, masking surface imperfections.
– for interior protection and decoration
– provides unique and distinct decorative patterns
– non flammable
– impact and abrasion resistant
– reinforces new and old substrates
– hides later developing hairline cracking
– postpones future maintenance
– gives a uniform, decorative pattern
– can only be applied in combination with 0881 Sigmascan Glue
– several different patterns available
determined by the finish product/system

Product Details
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Basic Data At 20 °c

Tensile strength
warp 550 N/50 mm – woof 250 N/50 mm
width 1 metre – length 50 metre roll
Touch dry after
approx. 2 hours (glue)
Overcoating interval
min. 4 hours
max. no limitation
Available pack size
width – 1 metre, length 50 metres

– applied to a range of new or previously smooth painted cement type
walls or ceilings e.g., concrete, gypsum board, plaster and cement
– moisture content, at the time of application, must be below 5%.
– alkaline surfaces must be flushed with sweet water until neutral
– all substrates should be free from under-bound paint layers
– free from laitance, dirt and other surface contaminants
– all new surfaces must be primed with the Sigma Primer appropriate to the substrate condition .0805, 0852 or 0804
– all substrate imperfections, must be repaired with the appropriate Sigma Filler: 0896, 0803 or 0864.

– short haired hard roller, sharp Stanley knife, tape measure and
Swedish knife or trowel
– 0881 Sigmascan Glue
– sweet water

Method Of Application

See also data sheet for 0881 Sigmascan Glue
– cut the Sigmascan to the desired length with a sharp Stanley knife or
scissors (height of the room plus 5-10 cm extra)
– on a primed/sealed area of wall or ceiling, apply glue by
roller over an area the same size as the cut length,
making sure to overlap approx. 5 cm at the edges
– plumb the first sheet along a perpendicular. With a hard rubber roller
or papering brush, smooth the fibre out. Work down the centre
first, pressing gently but firmly. Then smooth out from the centre to
both edges. Take out all bubbles and wrinkles and ensure the edges
are fully glued down. Use extra glue if necessary.
– trim/cut the 5 – 10 cm of excess material at the top and bottom and
glue down. Use extra glue if necessary.
– continue with the same working procedure for the following sheets,
ensuring that each sheet is butt jointed not overlapped.
– do not attempt to stick the fabric around corners as this causes
wrinkling and at a later date, cracking. Measure the distance to the
corner from the last strip on the wall. If the space is too narrow for
a full width strip, trim the piece to fit into corner and extend
2 cm on to the next wall. Smooth firmly into the corner.
take the piece which was trimmed off and glue it where
it would have been prior to cutting
If the corner is crooked, the next piece must be overlapped in the
corner so the open edge can be plumbed to start the new wall.
– for outside angles, trim/cut the fibre so it goes round the corner onto
the next wall. The overlap should be approx. 3 cm. Glue on
remainder of the strip butting the edges if possible but if necessary
overlap to ensure the edge is plumb.
– never have the cut edge directly on the outside angle.


Complies with VOC specifications such as LEED etc.


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Extremely strong glassfibre wall and ceiling fabric covering designed to decorate the cement based substrates.

  • For interior protection and decoration

  • Provides unique and distinct decorative patterns

  • Non flammable