Sigmulto Fonoun

Unique decorative water-based pearlescent interior finish consisting of colour particles; designed to be applied over Sigmacryl Flat, providing amazing effect.
– for interior use only
– luxurious pearlescent finish
– tolerant to washing
– easy to apply
– non toxic
– low odour
– conforms to Environmental Specifications
Sigmulto Fonoun colour card – Gloss

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Basic Data At 20 °c

Mass density
approx. 1 g/cm3
approx. 8 m2 per liter
spreading rate
depending on the thickness of application and desired finish
Touch dry after
approx. 30 minutes
Drying time
2 -3 hours
Shelf life (cool,dry place)
12 months

Freshly applied primer, filler and Sigmacryl Flat finish, over cement
type substrates, render, plaster, gypsum and gypsum board.
(for other substrate types please contact Sigma DTS)
Substrates should be clean, smooth and level.

Recommended primers
– 0852 Sigma Acrylic Primer Sealer*
– 0804 Sigmafix Primer for Gypsum
*0805 for interior
Recommended fillers
– 0803 Sigma PVA Wallfiller
Recommended basecoat
– 0842 Sigmacryl Flat (2 coats)

Method Of Application

Mix gradually the selected Sigmulto Fonoun powder to the
Sigmulto Fonoun base, using very low speed mechanical drill
– After applying primer & filler, apply Sigmacryl flat by roller and let it dry.
– After thorough mixing of Sigmulto Fonoun base + Sigmulto
Fonoun pearlescent powder, use soft brush and dip it into the
mixture, make sure the brush is well loaded, and apply using
brushstrokes, moving right to left and vice-versa.
– It is essential that selected Sigmulto Fonoun colour is applied on top of the right Sigmacry Flat colour as per the reference in the colour card.
– After the random brush application, let it dry for 15 – 30 min, then smooth gently the applied area using Spatula tool.
Dilution: 0% ready to use
sweet water


Complies with VOC specifications such as LEED etc.


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About Sigmulto Fonoun

Unique decorative water-based pearlescent interior finish

  • Luxurious pearlescent finish

  • Tolerant to washing

  • Easy to apply