Two component polyamide cured epoxy impregnating sealer
for concrete surfaces.
الخواص الرئيسـية
– specially formulated to prevent dusting of the cement matrix
on concrete surfaces.
– easy and economical to apply
– improves abrasion and wear resistance of concrete
– makes concrete floors non porous thereby giving resistance to
oil, water, grease and mild chemicals
– good wetting properties
اللون واللمعة
transparent/clear – eggshell

تفاصيل المنتج
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معلومات اساسية (عند درجة حرارة 20 مئوية)

( For mixed product )
Mass density
approx. 0.90 g/cm³
Solids content
approx. 23% by volume
dry film thickness
15 – 30 μm
spreading rate
15.3 m²/ltr for 15 μm
depending on the nature and condition of the substrate and the
application method employed
Touch dry after
approx. 1 hours
Overcoating interval
min. 16 hours*
max. 10 days*
Full cure after
7 days
Shelf life (cool, dry place)
at least 12 months
base and hardener – 26 °C

– Concrete must be dry and free from any contamination
(max. 4% moisture content)
– sealer should not be applied at temperatures below 5 °C
– substrate temperature should be at least 3 °C above the dew point

Mixing ratio: by volume; base to hardener 75 : 25
– the temperature of the mixed base and hardener should be above
15 °C, otherwise extra solvent may be required to obtain the
correct application viscosity
– too much solvent will result in lower sag resistance and slower cure
– thinner should only be added after proper mixing
of the base and hardener
– use a soft brush or broom to apply the first coat in order to saturate
the surface. First coat should be applied thinned 5% with 91-92
and allowed to dry thoroughly prior to application of the second
and third coat. Roller application is acceptable for application of
the second and third coats, with the sealer being applied unthinned.
– well trowelled, very dense surfaces such as vacuum dewatered
concrete may only require two coats. The sealer should only be
applied to sand/cement screeds which are not leaner than a
1 : 3 cement/sand ratio.
Induction time at 20 °C
Pot life at 20 °C
6 hours*

Method Of Application

Recommended thinner
Sigma thinner 91-92 (flashpoint 20 °C)
Volume of thinner
0 – 5%
to obtain optimal flow use Sigma thinner 90 – 53 (flash point 30 °C)
Sigma thinner 90-53 (flashpoint 30 °C)


Complies with VOC specifications such as LEED etc.


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Two component polyamide cured epoxy impregnating sealer