Sigma Story

Pieter Schoen, Lodewijk Varossieau and Dirk Vettewinkel are probably names you’ve never heard of. Yet in the 18th century, they wrote the first rare Sigma Coatings stories. Their vision of the dyeing materials business led to the creation of companies, whose current successor is Sigma Coatings.
Top experts with a refined sense of practicality were well aware of the expectations of house painters. That knowledge is still the DNA of Sigma Coatings today.


Celebrating 135 years of Innovation and Color Leadership

PPG was founded in 1883 when Capt. John B. Ford and John Pitcairn started the first commercially successful plate glass factory in the United States at Creighton, Pa. Known as the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., the enterprise focused on innovation and quality…and 135 years later, PPG is still dedicated to these priorities.

2008 On January 2, PPG Industries announced the acquisition of SigmaKalon Group of Bain Capital. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PPG is a global manufacturer of paints, coatings, chemicals, optical products, glass and glass fibers. Operating in more than 60 countries, the company has more than 140 manufacturing plants and affiliated companies.

2006 Sigma Coatings is integrated into the SigmaKalon Group, No. 2 in Europe in decorative paints. As of June 1, 2006, the company is called SigmaKalon.

1999 – Merger of Sigma Coatings and Kalon

SigmaKalon was created by the takeover of PetroFin by the French Total Group. The takeover concerns the merger of Sigma Coatings, a subsidiary of PetroFin and Kalon, a subsidiary of the French paint company Total Group.

1981- Sigma Coating in ME under Sigma Paint By consortium of eminent Saudi businessmen, SigmaKalon decided to be in ME market, we are founded in Dammam Saudi Arabia in 1981

1972 – Sigma Coatings Group: from a family business to a multinational corporation On January 1, 1972, Pieter Schoen & Zoon and International Coating Materials (ICM) appeared on the market under a common name: Sigma Coatings. During the 1980s, Sigma Coatings built a state-of-the-art research center with a new paint and powder factory.

1971 – Purchase of ICM Only one year after the creation of ICM (International Coating Materials), PetroFina saw this as its second partner in the production of paint products, and therefore committed to buy ICM after the purchase of Pieter Schoen & Zoon. This laid the foundations for Sigma Coatings.

1970 – International Coating Materials is founded To be more successful than the competition, N.V. Vernis and Varossieau & Cie decide to merge. It was founded in Uithoorn, in 1970, under the name International Coating Materials.

1967 – Pieter Schoen at PetroFina In 1967, PetroFina signed a cooperation agreement with Pieter Schoen & Zoon. This was before he became part of Petro Fine in 1969. After 1900, the collaboration with Varossieau & Cie progressed, basing their pigments on oil and producing Japanese lacquer. Beginning in 1946, the new director of Varossieau & Cie modernized the company, which later became a manufacturer of synthetic and semi-synthetic varnishes.

1809 – From facade paints to Sigma Coatings 1809, Dirk Vettewinkel, master house painter in the association “Guild of St. Lucas ”(“ Guild of St.Lucas ”), decided to grind his paint and materials. At the time, it was an area that was underdeveloped in the market. Since 1972, the Dirk Vettewinkler factory has become part of Sigma Coatings.

1795 – New phase and paint production Another company that played an essential role in the creation of Sigma Coatings was Varossieau & Cie. Lodewijk Varossieau was a house painter who created a lacquer distillery in 1795. In 1862, family and business were moved to Cornelis van Rijn.

1722 – The first Sigma products Jan Pieterszoon Schoen was the first Dutch entrepreneur to produce and sell natural pigments such as wood dyes, chalk, German ocher, marble, turmeric, carbon powder and lazulite. In 1722 he bought the land and set up his own crusher. In 1725 he received permission to grind. Before putting his paint products on the market, he named them Sigma, after the Greek letter which represents the sum of all things. Pieter Schoen's company became a family business, which was officially registered in 1857 under the name Pieter Schoen & Zoon. Pieter Schoen & Zoon is one of the companies that will later form the foundation of Sigma Coatings.