Highly decorative wood stain based on alkyd resins for application
to new softwood and hardwood substrates
– for interior and exterior use
– strong staining power
– highlights the natural wood grain
– water repellent
– for use on new hard and soft wood
– good penetration properties
– easy to apply
COLOUR AND GLOSS: see Rustikal Décor Colour Card – satin

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Basic Data At 20 °c

Mass density: approx. 0.9g/cm3 ± 0.05
Solids content: approx. 33% by volume
Recommended dry film thickness: 25 μm
Theoretical spreading rate: approx. 13.2 m2/ltr for 25 mm
depending on the nature and condition of the substrate and the application method
Touch dry after: approx. 3 hours
Overcoating interval: min. 24 hours, max. no limitation
Shelf life (cool,dry place): 24 months

New timber substrates
– substrate must be dry and free from any contamination
– moisture content must not be higher than 17%
– abrading is recommended before and between applications.

For previously painted timber substrates, please consult
Sigma Decorative Technical Support
Interior/exterior finish
– as a full system in 1 to 3 coats depending upon depth of colour
required, finish may be overcoated for additional protection
– where timber grain is to be accentuated excess stain may be
removed by wiping the wet surface evenly using a lint free rag
Additional protection options
– 0823 Sigma Clear Varnish Gloss, 2 coats at 25μm
– 0820 Sigma Clear Varnish Semi Gloss, 2 coats at 25μm
– 0825 Sigma PU Lacquer Gloss, 2 coats at 25μm
– 0824 Sigma PU Lacquer Semi Gloss, 2 coats at 25μm
– 0866/0867 Sigmadur Clear, 2 coats at 35μm

Method Of Application

– please seek advice from Sigma Decorative Technical Support
Recommended thinner
20-05 (flashpoint 38 °C)
Volume of thinner
see system specification
CLEANING SOLVENT: 20-05 (flashpoint 38 °C)


Complies with VOC specifications such as LEED etc.


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Highly decorative wood stain based on alkyd resins

  • Highlights the natural wood grain

  • Water repellent

  • For use on new hard and soft wood