Two component, solvent free, high build epoxy floor coating as
intermediate or final coat in Sigma Floorguard system.
– excellent resistance to mechanical stress and impact
– excellent intercoat adhesion
– suitable for medium traffic conditions
– anti-skid aggregates can be added
– excellent water and chemical resistance
– excellent abrasion resistance
– easy to clean
limited attractive colors, see Sigma Floorgurad color reference – gloss

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Basic Data At 20 °c

( For mixed product )
Mass density
approx. 1.46g/cm3
Solids content
approx. 100% by volume
dry film thickness
250 – 500 μm
4 m2/ltr for 250 μm,
spreading rate
depending on the nature, roughness and condition of the substrate
and the application method employed
Touch dry after
approx. 5 hours
Overcoating interval
min. 24 hours*
max. 7 days*
Full cure after
7 days*
Shelf life (cool,dry place): 12 months

– Previous coating (Sigma Floorguard Primer) must be dry and free from any contamination
– substrate and ambient temperature should be minimum 10 oC during application and curing
– relative humidity should not exceed 85% during application and curing
– substrate temperature should be above 10 °C and at least 3 °C above the dew point during application and curing

Mixing ratio: base : hardener by volume: 75 : 25
– materials temperature should be minimum 10oC
– mix base with a variable speed mechanical mixer
– add hardener and mix with mechanical mixer until homogeneous.
– mixer speed should not exceed 800 rpm to avoid air entrapment
Induction time at 20 °C: none
Pot life at 20 °C: 35 min

Method Of Application

roller, trowel
Recommended thinner: no thinner to be added
application by trowel
– pour the mixed product on to a suitably prepared and primed floor
– spread evenly by trowel followed by rolling with a spiked roller to release the air.
application on sloping areas/ramps
Sigma Floorguard Thix 0687 must be added (max. 4% by volume) after mixing of base and hardener
Cleaning solvent: Sigma thinner 90-53


Complies with VOC specifications such as LEED etc.


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Two component, solvent free, high build epoxy floor coating

  • Excellent resistance to mechanical stress and impact

  • Excellent intercoat adhesion

  • Suitable for medium traffic conditions