Unique multicolor stone textured finish, based on an acrylic
copolymer binder with colored aggregates and mica chips.
– designed for exterior use, can be used internal
– unsaponifiable and alkaline resistant
– excellent colour retention properties
– excellent flexibility properties
– moisture vapour permeable
– hides imperfections in walls
– excellent weather resistance
– good abrasion and shock resistance
– excellent water repellent characteristics
– easily washable
– almost odourless
– easy to apply by standard hopper gun
see Sigma Gold Stone samples card – flat

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Basic Data At 20 °c

Mass density
approx. 1.64 g/cm3
Solids content
approx. 75 ±2% by weight depending on colours
spray until a continuous, closed film is achieved
dry film thickness
approx. 3 – 4 kg/m2
spreading rate
depending on the required finish, the nature and condition of the
substrate and the application method employed
Touch dry after
approx. 6 hours depending on the thickness
Overcoating interval
min. 24 hours
max. no limitation
Shelf life (cool,dry place)
12 months

New substrates
– dry and properly cleaned concrete and other cement based or
plastered surfaces
– all dirt, powder, laitance and other contamination must be removed
– prime with one coat of 0852 Sigma Acrylic primer Sealer
– gypsum containing materials and substrates which are powdery should be primed with one coat of 0804 Sigmafix Primer
(overthick application should be avoided as this may affect
the adhesion of subsequent coats)
– lime containing materials should be neutral and if they react
alkaline, flush with sweet water until neutral
previously painted substrates
– remove all blistered, cracked, brittle and poorly adhering paint, and any other contamination from the surface
– good intact wall paint layers must be cleaned with a 3% solution of ammonia in water
– glossy paint layers must be sanded
– not recommended on old alkyd types of wall paints
– for repair of substrate imperfections;
external and internal – 0896 Sigma Concrete Filler

Recommended primers
– 0852 Sigma Acrylic Primer Sealer
– 0804 Sigmafix Primer
Recommended basecoat
– 0982 Sigma Gold Stone
Recommended finishes
– 0866 Sigmadur Finish High Gloss clear or
– 0867 Sigmadur Finish Semi Gloss clear

Method Of Application

Apply one skim coat of Sigma Gold Stone using stainless steel
– apply a spatter coat using hopper gun
– ensure hopper gun is held perpendicular to the wall to ensure
a good, even film is achieved
Overcoating (clear finish)
overcoat with clear finish using 0866 Sigmadur Finish High Gloss
or 0867 Sigmadur Finish Semi Gloss clear version),
one coat by spry application, with dilution ratio 5 – 10%
hopper gun and stainless steel trowel for application
Recommended thinner
sweet water
Volume of thinner
max. 5% (if required)
sweet water


Complies with VOC specifications such as LEED etc.


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Unique multicolor stone textured finish, with colored aggregates and mica chips.

  • Excellent flexibility properties

  • Hides imperfections in walls

  • Excellent weather resistance