7441 – SIGMACOVER 480

Two component polyamide cured corrosion inhibiting epoxy primer

– general purpose primer used in protective coating systems for
immersion and atmospheric exposure conditions
– good adhesion to steel and galvanized steel
– good adhesion to non ferrous metals
– good flow and wetting properties
– good water and corrosion resistance
– cures at temperatures as low as 5 °C
– suitable for touching up of weld seams and damaged epoxy
primers during construction
– long recoating intervals are possible when overcoating with
epoxy and polyurethane coatings
– can be overcoated with alkyd, chlorinated rubber, vinyl, epoxy and polyurethane coatings
– suitable for application to wet or dry abrasive cleaned substrates
– tolerant to a damp steel surface
– compatible with cathodic protection systems
– can be used in conjunction with Sigma Wet Blast Inhibitor
red-brown and green – eggshell

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7441 Sigmacover 480


MSDS-7441-SigmaCover 480 Base

MSDS – Sigmacover 480 HRD


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About 7441 - SIGMACOVER 480

Two component chemical resistant multipurpose coating

  • General multi purpose coating

  • Can be used as primer and buildcoat and finish as part of a concrete
    flooring system

  • Good flow properties