Two component acrylic polyurethane, finish for application over primed concrete, metals and texture painted surfaces
– for interior and exterior use
– unsaponifiable and alkaline resistant
– excellent resistance to atmospheric exposure
– excellent colour and gloss retention
– excellent U.V. resistance
– excellent non yellowing properties
– anti-carbonation properties
– resistant to water, splash and spillage of mild chemicals and solvents
– abrasion resistance
– easy to apply by brush and roller
available in clear and in colours from the Sigma Standard
Colour Selection – semi gloss

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Basic Data At 20 °c

Mass density
approx. 1.4g/cm3
Solids content
approx. 35% ± 2% by volume depending on colours
Recommended dry film
25 – 30μm
approx. 14 m2/ltr @ 25μm / 11.6 m2/ltr @ 30μm
spreading rate
depending on the nature and condition of the substrate and the
application method employed
Touch dry after
approx. 30 minutes
Overcoating interval
min. 2 hours
max. no limitation
Shelf life (cool dry place)
18 months

New primed substrates
– dry and clean primed concrete, cement render, plaster, gypsum
and gypsum board
– abrading is recommended before and between applications.
– dirt, dust and other surface contamination must be removed prior to
application of finishing coats.
previously painted substrates
– free from defective or poorly adhering paint films
– wash intact or remaining paint films with a 3% ammonia solution
– not recommended over glossy or solvent borne paint types.
– bare and repaired areas should be spot primed prior to application

Method Of Application

Mixing ratio: by volume; base to hardener 88 : 12
– the temperature of the mixed base and hardener should be above
15 °C, otherwise extra solvent may be required to obtain the
correct application viscosity
– too much solvent will result in lower sag resistance and slower cure
– thinner should only be added after proper mixing
of the base and hardener
Induction time at 20 °C
Potlife at 20 °C: 5 hours
Recommended thinner
21-22 (flashpoint 50 °C)
Volume of thinner
0 – 20%
Recommended thinner
21-22 (flashpoint 50 °C)
Volume of thinner
10 – 20%
Recommended thinner
21-22 (flashpoint 50 °C)
Volume of thinner
0 – 10%
CLEANING SOLVENT: 21-22 (flashpoint 50 °C)


Complies with VOC specifications such as LEED etc.


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Superior quality thixotropic decorative and protective flat finish

  • Very good colour retention properties

  • Very good weather resistance

  • Very good wash and scrub resistance