Unique highly decorative metallic pearl finish designed to be applied
in conjunction with Sigmulto Pharos, based on high quality
waterborne synthetic resins with pearlescent pigments.
– for interior use only
– luxurious pearlescent metallic finish
– unique and individual
– light abrasion resistance
– extensive range of colour combinations
– tolerant to washing when waxed
– easy to apply
– non toxic
– low odour
– conforms to Environmental Specifications
Gold, Silver, Bronze – pearlescent gloss

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Basic Data At 20 °c

Mass density
approx. 1.04 g/cm3
Solids content
approx. 23% by volume
approx. 30 m2 per litre using spatula application
spreading rate
depending on the application method employed
Touch dry after
approx. 30 minutes
Overcoating interval
min. 2 hours
Shelf life (cool,dry place)
12 months

Dry clean, primed and filled concrete, cement render, plaster,
gypsum and gypsum board.
(for other substrate types please contact Sigma DTS)
Substrate should be flat, level and smooth.
Increased opacity can be achieved by first applying one coat of 0842
Sigmacryl Flat in the selected colour of Pharos, over the filler.
Sigmulto Pharos as a base applied in two trowel applications.

Recommended primers
– 0852 Sigma Acrylic Primer Sealer
– 0804 Sigmafix Primer
Recommended fillers
– 0803 Sigma PVA Wallfiller
Recommended basecoat
– 0885 Sigmulto Pharos (un-waxed)

Method Of Application

new surface primed and filled.
Previous painted surface thoroughly prepared, filled and primed.
a) apply the first skim-coat of Pharos in the chosen colour using a
stainless steel trowel and adopting a random semi circular
application motion and allow to dry thoroughly.
b) abrade the surface lightly with a very fine grade abrasive paper
c) using a stainless steel flexible Spatula, apply Pharos using the same method of application, spreading randomly and evenly removing and scraping off all excess material with each movement.
d) when the application process has been completed, lightly abrade with flour grade abrasive paper and follow by passing over the surface with a clean stainless steel spatula to give the polished effect
c) using a flexible Spatula, apply very thin random overlapping patches of Amouage over the area, spreading evenly and scraping away all excess material with each movement
d) for additional protection apply Pharos wax to the finish when fully hard dry and polish to a high shine.
Sigmulto Amouage “Tijan”
prime, fill and apply two coats of 0843 Sigmatex.
Allow Sigmatex to fully dry and harden.
a) Decant Sigmulto Amouage into a shallow tray
b) Immerse stamp, face only, into Sigmulto Amouage
c) Press stamp out on scrap cardboard to remove excess material.
d) Press stamp onto wall surface using even pressure.
e) Repeat steps b, c and d until required design is achieved


Complies with VOC specifications such as LEED etc.


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Unique highly decorative metallic pearl finish

  • Luxurious pearlescent metallic finish

  • Unique and individual

  • Light abrasion resistance