Quality solvent based semi transparent decorative glaze coating for
creating multi-effect patterns, formulated to provide a substantially
extended open time
– for all interior and limited exterior use
– good colour retention properties
– may be applied over water based or alkyd based systems
– many decorative effects possible
– extended practical working time
– semi-transparent and therefore the base coat colours will visually
effect the applied glaze colours
– easy to apply
see Sigma Standard Colour Selection – silk
note: a degree of colour variance is to be expected due to the
semi-transparent nature of this glaze coat. The variance is
dependant upon the design created, the weight of application
and the porosity of the base coat

Product Details
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Basic Data At 20 °c

Mass density
approx. 0.95 g/cm3
approx. 8 – 12 m2/ltr
spreading rate
this is very much dependent on the nature and condition of the
substrate, the application method employed and the desired finish
Touch dry after
approx. 8 hours
Overcoating interval
Min. 24 hours
Max. no limitation
Shelf life (cool,dry place)
12 months

Properly prepared, primed, filled and finished systems as per the recommendations indicated in the relevant Sigma datasheets
– Sigma Waterborne, Solvented and Texture finishes are suitable surfaces on which to apply this product.
previously painted substrates
– remove all blistered, cracked, brittle and poorly adhering paint, and
any other contamination from the surface
– good intact wall paint layers must be cleaned with a 3% solution
of ammonia in water
– selected base system must be reapplied prior to application

Internal use
– single or multiple applications to achieve the desired effect
Exterior use
– consult Sigma Decorative Technical Support
Additional protection
0823 Sigma Clear Varnish, 1 coat at 25μm
0825 Sigma PU Lacquer, 1 coat at 25μm

Method Of Application

Recommended thinner
thinner 20-05 (flashpoint 38 °C)
Volume of thinner
0 – 3% (between 3% and 30% additional thinners the opacity
and colour depth will be effected)
thinner 20-05 (flashpoint 38 °C)


Complies with VOC specifications such as LEED etc.


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Quality solvent based semi transparent decorative glaze

  • Good colour retention properties

  • May be applied over water based or alkyd based systems

  • Many decorative effects possible